Prestigious address and mailbox

AIP Business Link offers 5 locations in the largest cities of Poland:

Warsaw: Zebra Tower, Mokotowska 1

Cracow: Meduza, Mogilska 65

Poznań: Malta Office Park, Baraniaka 88

Wrocław: Heritage Gates, Rzeźnicza 28, 29, 31

In each of these cities, we provide you with modern business centres opened 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can register your company and receive mail here. Your company may have its seat in any of the AIP Business Link locations, and its correspondence address even in several offices. With your AIP Business Link membership card, you gain access to common areas in each location.

You can book a conference room or a co-working space on favourable conditions in all offices. As part of the package, you will be provided with a mailbox for all your correspondence. Business Consierge AIP Business Link will notify you about all parcels arriving for your company; you will have the option to pick them up in person or receive basic information on them and their scans.

Additionally, AIP Business Link cooperates with companies providing courier services, so you can send your parcels on favourable conditions, which we negotiated for you. The mailbox also has a purely spatial application; you can leave your documents or your laptop computer there.

4 days/month of co-working

You can use AIP Business Link 24/7, you have constant access to common areas, like kitchens, lobbies furnished with office equipment, reception areas, mailboxes, and special rest and relaxation zones.

You can participate in meetings arranged by our Knowledge Department, e.g. Business Trainings, and Community Department, e.g. Business Mixers, taking place in five AIP Business Link offices.

Additionally, having registered, you can use co-working space for 4 days a month, which is the time allotment included in the AIP Business Link membership package. These areas are designated for such use.

Bookings may be made by phone, e-mail, or our special booking system available for the companies of AIP Business Link community.

If you need to use working space more than 4 days a month you can additionally acquire:

An additional day in co-working area – PLN 100 net

A fixed place in co-working area – PLN 200 (PLN 300 in Warsaw)

A micro-office  - PLN 500 (with the exception of Warsaw, PLN 700)

A closed office – PLN 2,000 (PLN 2,500 in Warsaw)


Guest servicing and kitchen supplies

Business Concierge will notify you when your company's guests arrive, and direct them to the place of meeting or your working place. If you have an unexpected visit, we will inform you and, upon your request, pass your contact data to the visitor. We will also prepare and serve beverages for you and your guests. You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen with filtered water, coffee makers, Lavazza coffee, and tea at your disposal free of charge.

WiFi, multimedia, printing and scanning

Every AIP Business Link provides free internet (possibility of wireless connection in 801.11 g i 802.11 N standard or cable connection in Ethernet standard) within a shared open HOTSPOT access, and a shared 2Mbps (download) /512 Mbps (upload) connection.

In the common area, as well as in the meeting rooms, you will find modern projection screens which will enable you to display your multimedia presentation and follow the latest information from around the world. You will scan your documents free of charge and print up to 20 pages in full colour.

Three hundred workplaces and forty meeting rooms (best price on the market)

Currently, apart from free common areas, you can use payable workplaces in AIP Business Link offices. They are located in the following places: a co-working area organized in an open plan setting, micro-offices which offer a little more privacy, and private offices designated solely for the needs of your company.

Renting fixed workplaces entails the following costs:

An additional day in co-working area – PLN 100 net

A fixed place in co-working area – PLN 200 (PLN 300 in Warsaw)

A micro-office  - PLN 500 (with the exception of Warsaw, PLN 700)

A closed office – PLN 2,000 (PLN 2,500 in Warsaw)

Ergonomic modern interiors and designer furniture were created with the aim to serve creative thinking, provide work comfort, and encourage organizing interesting meetings, conferences and movie events. Our offices have the advantage of being equipped in state-of-the-art high-tech and multimedia equipment (like TV sets, videoconference connections, WIFI, projectors, etc.) which will satisfy even the most demanding group of customers.

Every company registered in AIP Business Link is granted 50% discount for renting meeting rooms and laboratories (except large conference rooms), additionally, we calculate the price on half-hourly basis, i.e. we charge for each half an hour started. The prices begin at PLN20 and end at PLN250 depending on the type and the place of meeting. Beverages are served to all guests who rent meeting rooms

In every AIP Business Link, you will find the following facilities:

Conference rooms

Entrepreneur's club

Creative lab

Knowledge lab

Multimedia lab

IT lab


On-line company

Our web portal, Portal, gives you the possibility to run your company from any place in the world; you can contact AIP Business Link companies and assign tasks to lawyers or accountants. You can also use a planner tool, set up and update your company's profile, announce and conduct auctions, as well as obtain commissions.

Accounting services

Every month, we offer you professional accounting services. Our basic service package includes simplified and integrated accounting including tax books, materials turnover record, income tax and VAT settlement.

The following accounting and financial services are available on-line and on the spot:

- Recording accounting documents in legers in line with the generally accepted accounting principles for PLN 5 or PLN 10 per item

- Keeping a tax book

- Keeping a material turnover record

- Settling income tax and VAT

- Keeping a fixed assets record

- Drawing up financial statements: profit and loss account for the General Ledger, financial result report for the Revenue and Expense Ledger

- Each month at least one Business Training concerning keeping a general ledger and a revenue and expense ledger, taxes: CIT, PIT and VAT, and rudimentary financial management

Financial counselling

Our "CFO" service is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Within the basic package, we guarantee 2 hours of Chief Financial Officer services, possibility of payment protection, and one legal Business Training every month. We believe that this number of hours will be enough for you to ensure sustainable growth of your company, but if you need additional support, we can provide subsequent hours of financial counselling at PLN 150/h.

Legal counselling

You can consult our lawyers 24 hours a day. We ensure 2 hours of legal counselling every month within the package. Furthermore, it includes constant access to a base of specimen documents, sample contracts, and legal regulations, as well as one representation in court a year, and one Business Training in the field of law a month. If such time allotment of our legal services will not dispel all your doubts, we can provide subsequent hours of legal counselling at PLN 150/h.


Discounts in prestigious companies

When you buy an AIP Business Link Package, you obtain discounts from our ecosystem's partners. These, among others, are Diageo – a partner of AIP Business Link, and T-Mobile – a strategic partner of Polska Przedsiębiorcza. We encourage you to profit from this system.


Collecting and exchanging credits for services and products

An AIP Business Link membership card gives you access to a comprehensive loyalty programme, which allows you to collect credits when you use our services or services of our partners and exchange them for rewards, e.g. free rental of rooms in AIP Business Link. Cooperating with loyaltyB2B enables you to create your own loyalty system, which your company can offer to your direct customers.

B2B within AIP Business Link

Supporting B2B cooperation within our community is one of the basic services and simultaneously one of the values AIP Business Link has to offer. The web portal provides the possibility of submitting quotation requests and conducting Dutch auctions within the whole community of Polska Przedsiębiorcza,


which comprises AIP Business Link as one of its vital parts. This community is also composed of companies developing in Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości (Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship) and using the support of the fund AIP Seed Capital, of which there are several thousands.


Analysis, counselling, and optimization

The aim of Business Kick-Off meetings is diagnosing the needs of your company and selecting appropriate tools to aid in its promotion, as well as acquiring new customers or investors. We will also try to indicate business partners from the AIP Business Link community with whom you could potentially start to cooperate or from whom you could obtain support. Every company is different and has different needs, and knowing this, we will show you which tools offered within the AIP Business Link package may be used by your company especially intensive in order to increase its effectiveness and the rate of its development. We will, however, also encourage you to use all elements of our package, since the combined impact of all the ecosystem parts GUARANTEES acceleration of your company's development


Constant mentoring, including with Zbigniew Niemczycki

A mentoring session usually lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour. During these meetings, you have a chance to obtain valuable advice from business gurus, who are among AIP Business Link Mentors. Remember that the effectiveness of the mentoring process depends greatly on yourself, i.e. you should precisely determine what kind of help you will ask your Mentor for and how to convey it to him or her clearly. AIP Business Link representatives will watch over the meeting and make efforts to optimize it, so it would be as effective for you as possible.

Since these meetings feature the best entrepreneurs, they may bring great value to a company registered in AIP Business Link as regards establishing relations with business gurus, adjusting business processes, or even obtaining commissions thanks to the Mentors. Among the Mentors permanently cooperating with AIP Business Link you will find Zbigniew Niemczycki, Tad Witkowicz, Marek Borzestowski


Constant training with the best professionals in Poland

Business Trainings are small workshop meetings in groups not larger than twenty people, which aim to convey specialized knowledge from particular theme-specific business areas. Our intention is that they concern the knowledge indispensable for every entrepreneur. The meetings are divided into theme-specific blocks, spanning from topics in the field of finance, law, and accounting to those concerning the skills connected with presenting your company to investors or acquiring customers and business partners. We remember to include issues from the areas of communication and promotion, which are essential to appropriate functioning of any company.

Guests-presenters taking part in Business Trainings include, among others: Łukasz Wejchert, Maciek Budzich, Jaromir Działo, Piotr Wilam, and representatives of many companies, like Google, Microsoft, Allegro, T-Mobile, etc.

Each of the five AIP Business Link locations organises a Business Training at least once a week, many trainings are also streamed between the locations.


Meeting business gurus

The aim of the Business Mixer cycle organized in AIP Business Link is to select the Startup of the Year from the community of Polska Przedsiębiorcza. This is why, during each of these events, we choose the best company among those presenting themselves before the business guru. It receives the title of the Startup of the Month along with the nomination for the title of the Startup of the Year, which gives the possibility to compete in the final for a journey to one of the international AIP Business Link embassies – in China, Silicon Valley or UK.

Startup of the Year nomination

The invitations to take part in Business Mixers are sent to startup companies of the Polska Przedsiębiorcza community and  to special guests – business gurus, successful entrepreneurs, innovators, presidents of international corporations, and persons, who with their attitude and their actions, present passion and unconventional approach to their businesses. The business gurus share their experience and reveal the secrets of their success, and afterwards they select the Startup of the Month, offering it the possibility to compete for the title of the Startup of the Year.

Networking after-party

Every Business Mixer ends with a networking after-party which allows establishing relations with the companies of our community, but also with the invited guests, including the Business Gurus themselves.


Sports in the community

We organize sports events on a regular basis within the community of Polska Przedsiębiorcza. They allow the companies to integrate and meet on a less formal ground than usually. Business equals activity, taking on new challenges, and keeping in shape, therefore we encourage you to take part in our contest. We intend for the StartUp Cup to support team spirit and unite the whole PP community.


Startup Conference

Meeting world-class business gurus

Competition among the best companies for the title of the Statup of the Year

Once a year, we organize the event called Grow Up Start Up – the first and the biggest Startup Conference. During this large-scale event we enable the companies from the Polska Przedsiębiorcza ecosystem to meet world-class business gurus, we organize a competition between companies for the title of the Startup of the Year, and we support integration within the community.