Knowledge Area of Entrepreneurial Poland

Welcome at Knowledge Area of Entrepreneurial Poland. We are here to create for You the best conditions for raising knowledge and business competences.



We have developed three integrated training programs matched to different development levels of Your business, which will help You to efficiently move from stage of creating an idea to its implementation on the global markets.

Prototyping program: Test with no risk business model of Your idea.

Support program: Gain resources for development of Your business idea.

Acceleration program: Build balanced growth dynamics and enter global markets.



3 actions focused on the effect

By speaking program we mean complex system of testing your development needs and to provide effective methods for rapid development. We divided them into three types of activities:



Kick Off are the meetings with your manager, that will help You become aware of the current development needs and will guide where to look for solutions.

Training are the workshops, lectures and training courses, which are designed to show you best practices for running the startup and business skills development.

Mentoring arethe individual meetings with top professionals from many sectors, which are designed to provide you with quality tips and answer questions that are bothering You.


People of Knowledge Area:

Our team is created by experienced staff and entrepreneurs, with whom we work to provide you with the knowledge necessary to grow your business.


Project team

  • Mariusz Turski
  • Aureliusz Górski
  • Marta Cudna
  • Partnerzy

Expercts team

  • Trainers
  • Experts In many fields
  • Experienced entrepreneurs
  • Representatives of business



Implementation team

  • Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators  Managers
  • Seed Capital Managers
  • Business Link Managers
They build and coordinate implementation of knowledge in area of all Entrepreneurial Poland projects.   They share best practices of running at trainings and mentorings.   They organize possibilities in regions and take care of matching our knowledge solutions with needs of every StartUp.


If you think you are a person who can bring valuable asset to our activities, please contact us. At the moment we are looking for people to work as:

  • BUSINESS TRAINER (more information soon)
  • MENTOR  (more information soon)
  • INTERN (more information soon)


Jeżeli masz pytania lub chcesz się z nami podzielić opinią na dowolny temat. Napisz do nas na adres
Marta Cudna
Manager Obszaru Wiedzy PP
mobile: + 48 515 229 813